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Local Citation Service

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Note: Maximum Orders | See Full Description Below

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Each purchase includes an Excel Spreadsheet.

What Is a Citation

As simply as we can describe it, a citation is (in Search Engine Optimization terms) any where online that your company is mentioned by other websites. Local Citations are used to help your business grow it’s online reputation and grow your business online.

These citations are done by a real, breathing human being, by hand, one at a time. This ensures quality and, believe it or not, actually keeps those annoying SPAM Calls to a minimum. This will help keep your phone lines clear for legit leads from real customers.

Each purchase includes an Excel Spreadsheet containing your citations.

What kind of business information is submitted to these local directories?

We submit the following details about your business. Please note that you will have to provide us this information at the time of ordering.

  • URL
  • Keywords or tags
  • Description
  • Business Name
  • Owner Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone & Fax
  • Business Email
  • Year Founded
  • Number of Employee
  • Operating Hours
  • Link To YouTube/Vimeo Video
  • Social Media Links (GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter etc..)
  • Logo
  • Photos

Note: Maximum order 350 USA Citations, 240 UK Citations, 120 Canada Citations, 200 Australia Citations, 40 Other Countries Citations.

Additional information


15, 40, 80, 120, 200, 240, 350

Rush Job

No, Yes

5 reviews for Local Citation Service

  1. Maria Galloway (verified owner)

    Wow, I’m so excited in ordering the citations! The pirces are incredible. Having known Michael Blackwell for over a year now, I absolutely know 100% all that he offers is with the utmost care and top-notch service! Thanks Michael

    • blackwell

      You make my face hurt from smiling; thank you for your kind words.

  2. Josiah Pierringer

    Although I have not known Mr. Blackwell as long as Maria, I have seen his work ethic and his drive to find ways to make other people’s lives easier….although I don’t have a new project at the moment, you can bet I will in the future, and this is where I’ll bring all my business, and be 100% confident that I’ll be ecstatic with the results!!!

    • Michael Blackwell

      Thank you, J! Excited to work with you again.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Good to see you continuing the luv, mate!! Thanks for the citations, awesome service!

  4. tory merz (verified owner)

    This is where I get all my citations done! Michael does amazing work and the prices are unbeatable. If you don’t want to deal with a bunch of spam and marketing calls get your citations done here!

  5. Justin Bois (verified owner)

    If you happen to find a 20$ on the sidewalk, this is where you should spend it. Michael and his team are the best at what they do without even mentioning the outstanding customer service.

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Q: If I get 350 do you have a list of the directories you send them to? How well do they index? Thanks.
— Asked by Brad Dassow on April 18, 2016
A: We try to use your information to do local and national citations that are relevant to what you need and are requesting so we can provide one if you wish but we do not have a general list that we abide by each time.
Q: Do I need to have Foursquare, Google and yelp finished before ordering citations? Also, can you add to axciom and other aggregates? Thanks
— Asked by Lorrie Heleker on November 19, 2015
A: It is normally best to do those yourself. If you have already done some citations before ordering, get us the list and we'll do our best not to duplicate listings.

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