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House of Calls – Call Tracking


Pricing For Members Only
A call tracking software where you can buy any number, in any area code, with many features like call whispers, call recording, and our world renowned, one-of-a-kind Form to Call feature. In order to purchase your phone number,

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This product is $8 per phone number every single month for 1,000 minutes. You will be charged a one-time fee of $8 through this website. Once your phone number is setup, you will be billed automatically, each month, for $8 through the actual phone tracking system.

As we just started this company and already expect some issues as with any software release, we are going to launch the call tracking software through a process where WE, yes our staff, will do all of the work on your behalf.  We want to ensure that if any issues arise, it’s due to actual coding errors and not user errors.  No offense being meant to you here, we just want to ensure our launch goes as perfect as a software launch can be.

Have a number already with CallSling, CallFire, or another provider?

That is okay. In fact, we can port the number from their company to ours in very little time. After purchase, please note that you already have a number and wish to port it. We will zap you instructions on the process. With CallSling, it’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes in most cases. With CallFire and other programs, it CAN take up to 4-5 weeks but we see it happen much faster with our support team. If you own a number in Twilio, the transfer is instant. We can port Google Voice numbers as long as their USA based.

Click Here To Port a Number into House of Calls from your Current Provider.

With all of that said…

You will have your phone number within 24 hours (not business, just a regular 24 hour period).  Our staff is usually fast enough to have it to you within an hour or two, in most cases.  We will eventually begin the process of GRANTING USER ACCESS to your account so that you can mess around with your options like destination numbers, whisper messages, email notifications and more.

With Purchase, We Need To Know The Following:

Country Desired:
Area Code Desired:
Forwarding To What Number(s):
All At Once or Round Robin:
Whisper To Dialer:
Whisper to Answerer:
Email Address(es) Receiving Email Notifications:
Voicemail Enabled? If Yes, What Do You Want It To Say:

Current Features

  • 1,000 minutes included
  • Overage on minutes = $0.05 minute
  • Get a Phone Number in Any Area Code
  • Real Time Call Statistics
  • Call Recording
  • Export Call Reports
  • Caller ID
  • Email Alerts
  • Whisper Notification to Answerer (This call sent from …)
  • Whisper Notification to Dialer (This call maybe recording for training…)
  • Call Multiple Numbers at Once (first to pickup gets call, rest hang up)
  • Round Robin Calling (call 1 goes to company 1, call 2 goes to company 2)
  • Voicemail (offer your own voicemail recording)


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Q: Hey Michael! I am assuming this is like callsling but if you can't access it like you do the callsling service then how do you get the reports etc?
— Asked by LISA HADDEN on March 17, 2016
A: Hey Lisa! Granted, we have a GIANT NEW release coming in a month or two but, for meow, you can still do a call log export. You can export incoming or outgoing calls to a spreadsheet. <img src=""> You can also try to login as a demo user. Go to and login with these credentials: user: demo psw: demodemo

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