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Custom Stephen Schmidt

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Custom product for Stephen Schmidt.

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  1. Free Expert PBN Setup / Installation (Make look like real site)
  2. Three Pages Created & Added to Menus
  3. One 500 Word Article posted to your PBN
  4. Custom Logo
  5. Purchased Stock Photos
  6. Relevant YouTube Videos Embedded
  7. Two social accounts created for the PBN to add POWER (usually Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, or Pearltrees)
  8. PBN Domain on high level – metrics sent, of example I can send today, displayed:
    age 17 yrs
    tf 10
    cf 10
    da 27
    pa 39
    rd 91

Give your site the boost it needs with our fully built PBN Service. No more worrying about setting it up correctly.

Contact us for questions / special inquiries. Note: If you want higher metrics, we have extras below. Higher Metric domains take a little longer to obtain.


  1. You already have hosting so you just need to send us login details for the cPanel.

Installation/Setup FAQ:

  1. We find your PBN domain.
  2. You purchase the domain for 1 year.
  3. You already have hosting.
  4. Installation of WordPress on your PBN Domain/Hosting.
  5. Made to look like real site.
  6. Setup Theme / Install Plugins (both free and premium/paid).
  7. Add About Me, Contact Us, Privacy Policy pages (variations will occur due to keeping it natural).
  8. Add Content, Text, Images, and Videos.
  9. Update Site Permalinks.
  10. Remove default wordpress content (Hello World, Sample Page, etc.).


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